Industrial Hose
This series of hoses can be applied for piping of equipment at factories, installing with various machines(molding and printing machines), and various fluids such as cement fluids used for machine tools, drilling machines, and bridge construction works. Superior in flexibility, transparency, pressure resistance, negative pressure resistance, and oil resistance, this series of hoses are appropriate for industrial use.
Air tool Hose
A series of air hoses that support maximum working pressure of each application. The hoses can be used for various air tools, spray paint, and air piping at factories with a variety of different colors for color coding.
Painting Hose
A wide variety of products are prepared in this series to support manual spray, spray robot and automatic spray machines. Each product in this series has following features: swelling property is improved; inner roughness is ultimately studied to shorten the setup time; and a ground connection is added for removing the static electricity.
Food Hose
The food hoses that contain no substances which are suspected of having an environmental hormone or dioxin such as phthalate ester and nonyl phenol. Superior in heat and cold resistances, this series of hoses are harmless and safe.
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Engineering Data

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