Painting Hose

Conductive Air Hose

Conductive Air Hose

A conductive material is used for inner layer and the grounding can be completed just by connecting a metallic joint.

Polyurethane product
For antistatic piping of painting
Stripping off the ground wire is not necessary, which improves the workability.
A reliable grounding can be achieved.


List of painting hoses

Specifications:Working temperature limit: Between -20℃ and + 60℃

Nominal designation Inner diameter(mm) Outer diameter(mm) Regular size(m) Maximum working pressure MPa at 20℃ Minimum bending radius(mm) Regular size weight(kg)
SEH-6 6.5 10.0 100 1.5 35 5.7
SEH-8 8.5 12.5 100 1.5 45 8.4

Electric resistance value (Ω)

Nominal designation Length of hose(m) 10m Length of hose(m) 20m
SEH-6 1.0×105 2.0×105
SEH-8 1.0×105 1.5×105

*1. Purpose: The values of electric resistance of conductive air hoses, 6.5 x 1B x 10 and 8.5 x 1B x 12.5 in 10m and 20m, are measured.
*2. Test method: A joint (brass) is attached to the conductive air hoses, SE-H6 and SE-H8, and the electric resistance values between the hoses are measured.

Painting Hose