Air tool Hose

Quattro Air Hose

Quattro Air Hose

The high pressure hose of super flexibility and smoothness which can support up to 4MPa maximum operating pressure.

Specialized elastomer product
For air tools (pegger machines and air-tuckers) and in-factory air tools.
A high pressure hose that supports up to 4MPa maximum operating pressure and significantly shorten the work hours. With the new proprietary special material, this hose cannot get stuck or kinked easily.


Specifications:Working temperature limit: Between -5℃ and + 60℃

Nominal designation Inner diameter(mm) Outer diameter(mm) Regular size(m) Maximum working pressure MPa at 20℃ Minimum bending radius(mm) Brackets used Delivery unit
QHC-6010 6.0 10.0 10 4.0 18 One-touch aluminum coupler 10
QHC-6020 6.0 10.0 20 4.0 18 One-touch aluminum coupler 10
QHC-6030 6.0 10.0 30 4.0 18 One-touch aluminum coupler 10

Performance evaluation

Descriptions Evaluation Descriptions Evaluation
Lightness Smoothness
Softness Spattering resistance

* All the evaluations were made in-house * Use our specified brackets

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